• December 1, 2016 Meeting Minutes

    Call to Order: 7:13pm

    1. Heynig: Reading of October minutes: 1st R Geiger 2nd D Price–All approved
    2. D Price: Maps at printers, no ETA as of yet
    3. R Geiger:Brushing encouraged, tractors back, ice blades in and in works
    4. S Phillips: Memberships up- 44pd approx $2k; last year 40 pd
    5. B Johnson: New hut underway to be done for MJJ Ice Rink sign in
    6. D Tallon:To evaluate trail proposal to Petoskey Brewing for next year
    7. J Tallon: Dohm Enterprises to donate bean pot to the club, access to ATV group as well.

    Meeting Adjourned: 7:39pm

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