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  • November 3, 2016 Minutes of Meeting

    Call to Order: 7:22pm

    1. Heynig: Reading of October minutes: 1st R Geiger 2nd D Price–All approved
    2. Dryer: Pre MJS planning ideas, Sign board discussion for maps
    3. Geiger: Grooming status updates
      a. 6430 back, 7330 gone
      b. Estimates of repairs & maintenance, our cost vs. State reimbursements
    4. Curn: Grooming discussions pros/cons/efficiency of ice blades on drags
    5. Dryer: Brushing & Signing Q&A
      a. CV Loops complete Middle Village north, one MJ loop still to go
      b. Price to survey areas needing attention west side
      c. Geiger to hook up brusher to 6330
    6. Heynig: Spanky’s cam live, Pellston cam cleaned, aimed, focused—ready for season
    7. Veen Price:
      a. Map ads to final collections, almost ready for proof
      b. Pizza MJJ Dec 6th, nomination to increase $7 pp to $8: 1st Curn 2nd D Price—All approved
      c. Heynig to get flyers to Diane, etc

    Meeting Adjourned: 8:25