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  • October 6, 2016 Minutes of Meeting

    Call to Order: 7:28pm

    1. Heynig: Reading of September minutes—All approved
    2. Dryer: General pep talk, club moving forward, show of support to all in club, cast a positive light
    3. Diane: Let’s plant seeds of recruitment for MJS, let’s cover our bases and get some ducks in a row
    4. Springate: Small hut for MJS at skate rink easier for sign in prior to ride out
      1. Bill Johnson to build C Land 1st J Tallon 2nd –All approved
    5. Dryer: Cookout Oct 22nd, HS Barn 1-4, Flyers to be distributed
    6. Geiger: State of Grooming and Operators. Tractors are being serviced, so far so good.
    7. Heynig: Spanky’s Cookout, support of Club Oct 29th, times TBD; Spanky’s trail cam approval
      1. Website discussion.
        1. Separation from Joe’s personal account. C Land 1st Johnson 2nd 1 opp’d
          1. Include master PayPal account info in request Springate 1st D Price 2nd –All in favor
          2. Move of hosting discussed, to be tabled at a later date

    Meeting Adjourned: 8:24