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  • January 2021 Meeting Minutes

    1 /7/2021 – Zoom Meeting


    Meeting Called to order 7:05pm

    Gave update on John Tallon. 

    Culvert has been fixed by Lucas Morris

    Tractor in Harbor Barn is back together just need to do an alignment.

    Brusher is still on tractor as Evan is doing brushing still until we get enough snow to groom.

    Gates are to remain closed to keep vehicles out and help to prevent damage to properties.

    Beach’s Up North Tavern to hold “Warren’s” Vintage Ride this year on 1/30/21 Vintage show from 10am – 11:30.  Ride towards Mackinaw City and back starts at Noon.  Back to BUNT around 5 for auction.

    Moosejaw Safari officially cancelled for this year.

    Collected approximately $4,000.00 in map ad money to date.

    Status on invoice for Carter’s for Membership stickers?  Angie to scan and send invoice to Dean for payment.

    Discussion on adding a QR code to maps and donation boxes for people to donate online.  Potentially ad to maps we print in the future also.  Also discussed what type of apps to accept for payments. 

    It seems the Indian River Group is on the down low right now.  Not sure what the status of the Group is.  Heard the Indian River ride that would normally be on 1/9/21 has been cancelled and re-scheduled for 2nd weekend in February.

    Website having some issues Mike is working on Resolving.

    Clyde’s Ride is typically around Valentine’s day if James chooses to have it this year.  This would put it same weekend as Indian Rivers Ride.

    Meeting Adjourned 7:45pm