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  • December Minutes

    12 /3/2020 – Zoom Meeting

    Meeting Called to order 7:10pm

    May have to re-do some brushing areas with the high winds we have had. Post to Facebook to let anyone that would like to help out, to feel free to do whenever they have a chance.

    Maps – Waiting for ad from Jed Avery then ready to go to print.

    Have Richard call Dave Tallon for price on culvert to get going. There is a culvert behind groomer barn that can be used. Location is behind Bosma’s in the valley.

    Unless it is an emergency we probably will not get reimbursed from the State if we have other work completed due to lack of funding. On spots where trails are bad once we get snow we can try to fill them in with the snow to help for this year and make them passable.

    Status on tractor in Harbor Barn – Still apart in garage can not get answers as to what status is. Recommend calling Bader’s and see if they can fix to make sure we are ready for when snow hits.

    Brush tractor Pellston Barn – Tractor to stay in the barn for the winter if anything needs to come out it will have to be the items that do not belong to the Club.

    Status on Moosejaw Safari – If we are still going to do something, Mike Naturkas said he would help with some of the food. Thoughts are that we should not cancel yet see what happens with restrictions and weather. Discussion on doing something without advertising and stopping at any establishments. Keep it low key this year. Discuss more in January as it gets closer.

    Some newsletter notices were returned. John Land messaged club on Facebook to see why he had not gotten his. Angie to resend to him.

    Meeting Adjourned