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  • November 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes

    November, 2019

    Moosejaw Junction – Being told that the hall will be closed for the winter due to freezing lines. Evan went to meeting to see what we can do to use the building. Was discussed on using the Legion to cut stuff up and cook then just take. Other options for where to hold at bar on ball field. With tents and heaters inside. Get port-a-potties to help with congestion in bar. Reduce amount of soup. Justine to see if she can get beans and or hams donated.
    Trail map almost done and ready to go to the printer.
    Travis may have 2 people that are interested in grooming this winter. Update next month.
    Need to distribute raffle tickets to sale.
    3 Map board are up they are at: Pellston airport south corner. Brutus Rd and Big Pine. Plans for 3 more at: Harbor Barn, Spanky’s and MooseJaw Junction.