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  • September 5, 2019 Meeting Minutes

    September 5, 2019

    Motion to approve minutes from May and speacial meeting from June, B Johnson Dave Prive.

    Trails not as bad but need some help. Normal wear and tear. Johnson Hill had a tree across is most was removed. Dave Price to go and get the rest out of the way. North of Stuts and 3 trails to Larks Lake have washouts. South of Palmer to Larks Lake Rd should get dozed. New trail where corner is, is not good needs to be rerouted so not so sharp for grader. Would like to see if we can get some dirt and put by culvert to fill in KRG could get culvert to extend it if we have to. Making map boards and will start placing them at Big Pine, Harbor Barn, Alanson, and Pellston areas. Cheboygan DNR is brushing bike trails and claim they are going high enough for groomers. Need to make sure all boulders are staked for season. Med brothers have not done anuthing with trails yet and they have been using a lot of trails that are not “Shared”. Discussion on Robinson to Ely Rd needs dozing and bring trail to west side and widen it. Can we provide a list of areas on a map to get to Nate so he can determine if it is possible. Also, note that Pendelton’s property need some attention.

    Order Port-a-potty for Harbor Barn. Dean will call and order. Need to find out where property stakes are for Habror Barn. Pellston Barn the sand had washed out from the edge of slab. Spierlings could dump sand/gravel to be packed back in there.

    Moosejaw Safari – leaves from Harbor Barn again, get Graphic and News Review to post some PSA’s, plow field when gets closer to event. Need get info for Center Township meeting.

    Maps have been started.

    Baders looked at tractors said our tracks are the best he has seen with the amount of hours on them. Mostly has to do with the tractors are kept in heated barn. What is status on groomer maintenance. So far so good.

    Comments that we may lose the Cross Village Trail and that would put us under the miles for having 3 tractors. Discussed adding the part of Indian Rivers trails from Alanson to Parky Rd. It is difficult to get new trails added but may look into it. Discussion on if we were to purchase the Piston Bully and keep the 2 tractors from the State.

    Brushing luncheon – End Oct/ Beginning of Nov.

    Motion to adjurn: B Johnson, D Dryer 8:15pm