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  • Special Meeting August 22, 2019 Meeting Minutes

    Special Meeting called 8/22/2019

    Meeting Called to order 7:08 pm

    Brush Rig in Pellston getting fixe the Hydraulic cylinders are broke. Baders gave us a number for a Matt that may be able to do a deal for side cutter and then trade in the red hydraulic with arm and get one that is like the County’s. Tractor out with old drag trying to level out the trails that aren’t bad behind airport, so we do not have to hire it out. Most of trail 71, down to Big Pine to Chestnut have been checked. There are a number of places that are washed out. Palmer to Middle Village has washouts but maybe can be done with drag. Tree removal at some spots along trail need to get permission to remove. 1st gate from Alanson, huge rock needs to be moved also. Pendelton has 5 trees that have been marked who can contact him and who has a number for him. We need to see if we can remove them and what he would like done with them. 2nd Gate –whose property is that School or State. Pretty sure it is State. Melody land has 3 stumps close to the 90 corner. Check the washouts and get estimate for repair.

    Discussion on ORV trails should be helping fix or fixing what is damaged by them before winter. Who do we contact for them to help? Contact Nate to see about funding and shared cost. Questions for Nate, Who is doing the logging in the area and how long will they be going on for. Alanson section to Indian River not being done through swamp. Can we get reimbursed if we were to do it once in a while?

    Harbor Barn – Get ready for winter season need to get pad and port-a-potty, Take tree out for parking and get sign up. Dale and Mike to work on signs and Snow depth markers to get trail base. Signs to be place at Big Pine, Pellston, Moose Jaw, Alanson (Fairbairn and gas station corner, Frank and Tower rds,

    Motion to adjourn by Bill Johnson seconded by Rick Geiger.