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  • May 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes


    Meeting Called to order 7:18 pm

    Map Discussion for 2019 will Harbor Barn be designated as Trailhead? If so we should have a Display sign with map in it and port-a-potty on site. May need to fix driveway for parking also. Motion to fix up driveway, pour pad for port-a-potty, set poles for sign and add lights Geiger 2nd Dryer. All in favor.
    Keep eyes open for new sponsors, Justine willing to help, possibly start earlier.

    Raffle – We got license for raffle. Sled is a 1979 Yamaha if tickets are here we will sell at Golf Outing.

    Golf Outing- Prizes got Hidden River still waiting for Mackinaw Club. Sponsors Clyde’s, Crash and Moose Jaw Junction. Meal Lunch: Dogs, Brats, Burgers, Chips and cookies. Dinner: Pork butts, Beans, Green Bean casserole, Potato Salad or Coleslaw. Beverages to order: Bush Light 20, Bud Light 5, Miller Light 4, Budweiser 2. Get drinks on Friday and ice on Saturday. Dean to pick up pop and water also. Doing a 50/50, person for beer cart. Registration table volunteers.

    4th of July parades – Take John Deere with drag and sled to ride in parades. Would be nice to have the Piston Bully, concerns are if the track derails. Richard and Cody to talk to Chamber of Commerce get info. M: Groomer operators put tractor in Parades also to get parade insurance for Harbor and Cross Village Geiger, 2nd Dryer

    Insurance – have we checked around for insurance lately? New provider out there may be able to get a cheaper rate. Currently basic liability is with one company and Equipment is with another.

    Did the Equipment Service Reports get turned in? Yes gave to Dave Tallon
    6430 has 2900 hrs on it.

    Had discussion about getting wings for the drags. Railroad grade would be the only feasible place. We may need to get a bigger tractor for wings to work.

    Donation boxes have been picked up from Clyde’s and Crash. Will pick up Moose Jaws next time out there.

    Officers Election:
    President: Dean Dryer M: Diane 2nd Rick, All in favor.
    Vice President: Evan Price M; Rick, 2nd Mike. All in favor.
    Treasurer: Sheryl Dryer M: Diane, 2nd Mike All in favor
    Secretary: Angie Berry M; Rick 2nd Mike. All in favor

    Next meeting September

    Motion to adjourn by Rick G seconded by Joe Kuchnicki.