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  • March 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes


    Meeting Called to order 7:44 pm

    Thanked Crash Landing for hosting meeting and for pizza

    Discussion on year end party – date March 23. Justine to work on getting hot dogs and buns.

    Discussion on port –a-poty for next year and adding to map.

    Membership money coming in

    Mentioned Petoskey Clubs final breakfast and ride.

    Discussion on parking in Alanson, on weekends they can part at school.

    Noting trying to get more donations for Moosejaw safari event.

    Discussion on where donation boxes are located ; MJJ, Clydes, and Crash. Discussed putting some at the lodges in Pellston and Alanson.

    Update on Piston Bully – Battery is good was just shut off.

    Discussion on drags – on the private drive the trees are close and drag sometime hit them, causing damage to drags.

    Discussion on the trail that goes to Cross Village is there one or can we work on getting one and keep it groomed. There is one from Oak/Lookout Dr to gas station that is groomed but not as often as regular trails.

    Discussion on selling cozies at bars.

    Extra maps are at barn and plenty from 2017 also.

    Travis to meet with Talon regarding Contingency for extra work on machines.

    Sounds like there are a lot of good reports from people riding.

    Crash Landing and Fosmore donation totaled $800.00