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  • September 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes

    Harbor Springs Snowmobile Club
    September 6, 2018
    Minutes of Meeting

    Call to Order: 7:20 pm

    • Dryer: Snowmobile Raffle (snowmobile present)/MJS info for raffle announced tickets on hand for distribution.
    • Heynig: Reading of April Minutes /No May minutes taken. 1st: D Tallon 2nd:  J Tallon

    All approved, None Opposed

    • R Geiger:
      1. Trail Brushing Day tentatively set for Oct 21st then dinner at MJJ
        1. J Tallon mentioned we used to provide the meat.
        2. D Price redistributed trail segments for volunteer trail bosses.
      2. Equipment is being prepped for work
        1. R Schlappi says brusher is on, and looking into safety/protection windows
    • DV Price:
      1. Map ready to start with D Price assisting and M Heynig as well
      2. MJJ Pizza dinner tentatively set for Dec 4th adding approved dates after meeting with Kevin
    • D Berry: Lets get donation boxes out ASAP
    • D Drier: need newsletter ideas ASAP to get to press and mailed out
    • D Tallon: Trail maintenance funds, Trail segment work, etc.


    Meeting Adjourned:  8:14 pm